Times are uncertain, habits are changing, and even more people are tuning into Mearns FM*. Now’s the time to get your message out.

We know that things are tough and that advertising is the last thing on most business owners’ minds. We know its not business as usual, but now more than ever you need to get your message to your customers that you are open for business or reopening – whether its normal business operations, take away only, online-only or delivery – they need to know and that’s where we come in! It’s business as usual at Mearns FM and since the pandemic started we have seen a huge increase in listeners online.

We can help!

We’re offering short term, affordable campaigns, to allow your business to speak directly to the local community in these uncertain times.

Contact us today – we aim to have your advert on air within 48 hours, email sales@mearnsfm.org.uk, call 01569 766406 option 2 or fill in the form below.

    Online Streaming Figures for Mearns FM, 1st March to 31st of April 2020. Based on Unique Connections – an increase of 25% on last years figures.

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